Watch: Rima Kalingal’s analysis of portrayal of women in Malayalam cinema will leave us thinking

Rima also recalled the incident which made her protest against the gender discrimination.

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A lot is being spoken about how women are portrayed in cinema and one even witnessed an outrage against an actress for expressing her views about a cinema, starring a superstar, showing women in a demeaning way. The actress received support from industry insiders and but was criticised, abused and threatened too. However, as always, that faded away too. But one needs to realise that there is definitely a change required in how women are portrayed in Indian cinema, especially in South Indian ones. And speaking on that at the TedEx event, popular Malayalam actress Rima Kalingal made an analysis of the biggest of blockbusters in Malayalam cinema which had women in characters that one seldom sees in reality. “The highest grossing Malayalam movie in history had four women in it – 1.A nagging wife, 2.A sex siren who came on screen just to swoon at the hero, 3.A mother-in-law who is spewing expletives and 4.Another wife who is pushing out baby after baby”, Rima Kalingal said at the event referring to Pulimurugan.

Rima also mentioned the Malayalam actress assault incident that happened in February 2017 and said that one of the senior actors reacted to the incident saying it was a thing of the past. Rima even mentioned about situations she had faced many a times during shoots where men would barge in to the changing rooms without permission. “We’ve had production controllers barging into the rooms of actresses and physically assaulting them and being let scot free with a customary two-month suspension,” added Rima, which clearly is an alarming situation and needs to be addressed she says.

Rima also recalled the incident which made her protest against the gender discrimination and to everyone’s surprise, the incident happened in her family. Rima said that she was a 12-year old girl when that happened and it was about a fish delicacy that was cooked at home. Rima said that there were three fish curries cooked, one was served to her grandmother and the rest two to the other men in the house – her father and brother. Rima said that her protest against this discrimination startled everyone at home and for her, it was the beginning of questioning of any discrimination.




    You go girl!!!! Rima Kalinga. Hats off to you for standing up against an extremely frightened and egoistic men of the Malayalam film industry who can bash up 20 men by just clenching their fist in reel life but can’t open their mouth in support of their female colleague who was sexually assaulted by few goons ordered by a big shot of Malayalam film industry. I have decided never to watch any movie either produced or acted in by this man.

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