Watch Teaser: Mohanlal as the menacing ‘Odiyan’ is eerie and breath-taking

Odiyan is being directed by VA Shri Kumar and produced by Antony Perumbavoor who is a long time associate and close friend of Mohanlal.

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Watch Teaser: Mohanlal as the menacing ‘Odiyan’ is eerie and breath-taking

That ‘The Complete Actor’ Mohanlal will be seen playing the lead role in ‘Odiyan’ is something we all know, but we did not know that the versatile actor has gone through a complete makeover for the younger version of the role in the film. The makers have now released the teaser of ‘Odiyan’ in which Mohanlal is seen in a fit and trim look, which is quite impressive and will leave us asking for more. Mohanlal plays the fiercely ‘Odiyan’ in the film which is based on a tribal member called Manickan who was the last surviving member of the tribal community Odiyan in Kerala. Mohanlal seems to have put in a lot of effort to get into that shape for his role in Odiyan and the results are visible too which one can see in the teaser.

Odiyan is being directed by VA Shri Kumar and produced by Antony Perumbavoor who is a long time associate and close friend of Mohanlal. Odiyan is being made on a huge budget and is said to be a fantasy thriller. In such a lean and never-seen-before look, Mohanlal is set to enthrall his fans with Odiyan. Mohanlal’s makeover in Odiyan has sent his fans into a frenzy and the response to his new lean look is quite overwhelming. Odiyan was a tribal community in the Palakkad-Malabar region and is known for scaring people in order to make a living.

Speaking about preparing for his role in Odiyan, Mohanlal had recently said that he would do whatever it takes to get into the shape of the role. “The film goes through two different ages – one in the present and another 30 years ago. As a person gets old, he puts on weight and that is perhaps the biggest challenge for me in Odiyan. And doesn’t matter even if I have to starve, I will prepare for it in the best possible way,” Mohanlal had said.

Watch the teaser pf ‘Odiyan’ starring Mohanlal here:

Besides Mohanlal, ‘Odiyan’ also stars Prakash Raj and Manju Warrier playing important roles. ‘Odiyan’ will have few breath-taking action episodes involving Mohanlal and these are designed by Nation Award winning stunt director Peter Heins. “There will be five action sequences and five songs – all of which are weaved in as part of the narrative. The action scenes will be the highlight. Also, there will be a lot of special effects and we would be taking close to six months for the post production,” director VA Shrikumar had recently said.

Mohanlal, besides ‘Odiyan’, will also be starring in the prestigious project – Mahabharatha – which will be based on the book ‘Randamoozham’ written by MT Vasudevan Nair. This film will also be directed by VA Shrikumar and will be produced by BR Shetty who is  a Middle-East based entrepreneur. The film will be made on a whopping amount of INR 1000 crores and will be one of the biggest projects in Indian cinema. Director VA Shrikumar had recently confirmed that the pre-production work of the film is in progress and the shooting dates will soon be announced. “For all those who are eager to know randamoozham progress. The pre prdn work is in full swing and I would be dedicating myself frm Jan 19,” Shrikumar had said.

It is also ebing reported that the epic film will be shot in Abu Dhabi and not in India. Being bankrolled by businessman B R Shetty, the film will be completely shot in the Middle-East region since B R Shetty has most of the business establishments in that region. Rumours are doing rounds that tax reasons might also be one of the reason for the film to be shot in Abu Dhabi.

The film had faced few hurdles in the state of Kerala with few Hindu activist groups opposing the title of the film. KP Sasikala, The President of the group, opposed to the title of the film saying that the name of a traditional book cannot be used for a film for commercial purposes. The makers of Mahabharata are yet to respond to this news regarding the title. Mahabharata will be an adaptation of a book titled Randamoozham which is written by prominent writer MT Vasudevan Nair. The story in the film will be a narration from the perspective of Bheema, the character being played by Mohanlal.


    A heroine who looked like that would never get chance to play lead.



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