Mohanlal’s unkempt avatar in Odiyan is creating a buzz amongst his fans

Mohanlal can be seen sporting brown hair and an unkempt look in this photo from the shoot location of Odiyan.

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Mohanlal’s unkempt avatar in Odiyan is creating a buzz amongst his fans

The legendary Mohanlal is arguably one of the most celebrated names in Malayalam cinema today and enjoys a strong fan following thanks to his impressive body of work. Now, his well-wishers have a big reason to rejoice. In an awesome development, a photo of the actor on the shoot location of his eagerly-awaited ‘Odiyan’ is going viral and sending movie buffs into a state of frenzy. In it, M-town’s ‘Complete Actor’   can be seen sporting an unkempt look which he carries off like a boss. Moreover, he can also be seen sporting brown hair and saffron clothes. This enhances the getup’s avatar in a big way. We must say that ‘Odiyan’ promises to be a treat for movie buffs. Right guys?

In case you did not know, ‘Odiyan’ is touted to be a thriller and is being directed by VA Shrikumar. In it, ‘Lalettan’ will be seen playing the role of a man from the Odiyan community that was famous for scaring people.

Sometime ago, Shrikumar had revealed that this is going to be one of the most physically challenging roles of Mohanlal’s career and would see him undergo a physical transformation.

“Lal plays a character named Odiyan Manikyan from the age of 30 to 65. He will have a complete makeover. It will also be a physically challenging role for him. Manikyan is considered the greatest Odiyan that ever lived. He has mastered the skills that have been passed down by his forefathers of the clan,” he had added.

If all goes as planned, ‘Odiyan’ will hit screens in March, 2018.

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