This photo of Kayva Madhavan and Meenakshi Dileep is going viral

Meenakshi-Kavya apparently posed for the pic during the recently held Dileep show 2017 in USA

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This photo of Kavya and Meenakshi is going viral.

As most of us already know, last year, actress Kavya Madhavan tied the knot with Malayalam superstar Dileep and began a new chapter in life. Thereafter, she quit films and decided to focus on her personal life. Since then, she has indeed been enjoying the small joys of life to the fullest. Now, Kavya is in the news for a rather wonderful reason. As it so happens, a pic is going viral on the internet and creating a buzz amongst Mollywood fans. In it, Kavya can be seen alongside her step-daughter Meenakshi Dileep.

The ladies apparently posed for the pic during the recently held Dileep show 2017 in USA. Needless to say, the two look gorgeous and elegant in this pic.

Interestingly, a while ago, it was rumoured that all was not well between Kavya and Meenakshi. However, Dileep soon posted some pics on the social media and put these rumours to rest. It goes without saying this recent photo is bound to put all such speculation to rest for good.

For the uninitiated, Dileep and Kavya’s wedding was one of the biggest highlights of 2016. The two tied the knot in a private ceremony and gave their fans a reason to rejoice. Shortly thereafter, Dileep opened up about his marriage and said his family supported his decision to tie the knot with Kavya.

“You all are aware of the problems in my life. However, Kavya was not the reason for any of them. Hence I wanted to marry the girl who had been made a scapegoat by linking her to me. I spoke to my daughter, mother and brother and they all extended their support. The three of us, Kavya, Meenakshi and me, want to have a happy and peaceful life with my mother,” he added.

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