Bigg Boss Tamil – 27th September 2017, Episode 95 update: On day 94, Bigg Boss calls Harish a thief.

Housemates are given a task to safeguard a diamond.

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Bigg Boss Tamil - 27th September 2017, Episode 95 update: On day 94, Bigg Boss calls Harish a thief.

In the first task, Bigg Boss asks housemates to climb a pole placed inside the swimming pool. The one who successfully stands on the pole for the longest is the winner. Bindu and Arav first take part in the task, during the process Bigg Boss asks them to hold the pole with just one leg and hand. The duo fails to do so. Snehan and Harish take part in the task later. They fail to complete it. Later, Bigg Boss awards Snehan and Arav a gift voucher for their performance in the tasks.

In the next task, housemates are told to play the popular game tic tac toe, using two pieces of cloth as X and O. They are divided into two teams. Ganesh and Snehan defeat Hairsh and Bindu to win the task.

Bigg Boss assigns another task for the contestants. Titled ‘Robber-Thief’, this task which was played during the initial days in the house has been reintroduced to the contestants. Bigg Boss calls Hairsh to the confession room and assigns him the role of a thief, and gives him a task of stealing the diamond. Arav and Bindu suspect Ganesh to be the thief. However, in the confession room, Arav tells that he suspects Snehan to be the thief. Ganesh discusses with Bindu that he suspects Harish to be the thief as Harish has a hard time staying awake in the night, and this will be a task for him.

During the night Hairsh successfully accomplishes the task.

Bigg Boss surprises the housemates by making them an offer they can’t refuse. A suitcase with a price amount is placed in front of the housemates. Bigg Boss announces that anyone of them is free to choose a prize money of 10 lakhs with only one condition – the person who chooses the prize should walk away from the Bigg Boss house immediately. All the housemates decline the offer. Bigg Boss insists that they reconsider their decision. However, the housemates refuse to take the amount even the second time. Later, Bigg Boss increases the prize money to 11 lakhs, and they still decline.

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