Bigg Boss Tamil – 29th September 2017, Episode 98 update: On day 97, Snehan declares on camera that he’ll find out who Bigg Boss is

The housemates reveal how Bigg Boss has transformed them.

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Bigg Boss Tamil -On day 97, Snehan declares on camera that he'll find out who Bigg Boss is.

Housemates discuss how exhausted they feel after spending several days in the house. They discuss their sleeping patterns with each other. Ganesh reveals that even nine hours of sleep in the house isn’t enough and that he expects it to settle ones he’s home. Snehan looks at the camera and poses a few questions, the best of them being – Is Bigg Boss a good person or a bad one. The camera’s movements give mixed signals to the housemates and they begin laughing. Snehan discusses what he has learned about people. He tells everyone that a person can categorize people into two types. One who is a friend and the other, an enemy; there is no intermediate. He states that they were all open books during the show, and over the course of the show they revealed their true personality. He tells that one can’t always be open to criticism as a person’s state of mind always changes.

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