EXCLUSIVE! Shruti Haasan: It feels great to gift yourself something on birthday

Shruti revealed quite a few interesting things and said few things about birthdays which we very much agree to.

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We caught up with the very stylish and suave actress Shruti Haasan ahead of her birthday for a quick chat and asked few questions about her best birthday memories, surprise plans and birthday gifts. Shruti revealed quite a few interesting things and said few things about birthdays which we very much agree to.

Fond memories of any special birthday

I really like all my birthdays and I’ve been big on my birthdays since childhood. When I was a kid, we had a native American themed party which my mom had organised. She had out in a lot of efforts and organised all that. And on one of my other birthdays, my father gifted me a horse. I can never forget that.

Fights about gifts with sister Akshara

No actually. I have always felt very protective of her ever since she was born. And I was always happy to give my stuff to her. But the only thing we fight about, even today, is clothes. Often, she wears my clothes and when I ask her to meet me outside somewhere, and she won’t meet me. (Laughs) And I would have her clothes in my closet for months and this is going on since our childhood.

Best gift from father Kamal Haasan

A keyboard. Always special!

Best gift from mother Sarika

There are plenty of them actually. But I think the best gift was she introduced me to a lot of good music.

Birthday celebration preference: Alone or parties

Not alone, never! I don’t like going on big parties on birthdays but I love having people who make it special for me. I still cut my birthday cake and all that happens.

Thoughts about ‘Resolution’ on birthdays –

For me, that resolution concept doesn’t work. I don’t think anyone can get up and say ‘Ok! From tomorrow I will do this or I won’t do that‘. I feel that if a new thing has to be started or given up, it takes weeks and months to actually make it a habit. I feel our bodies and minds are so used to doing few things and if one wants to change, it should happen progressively.

Gifted yourself on your birthday?

Oh yes, I have! I really like that concept. Being an independent working woman, I think it feels great to get yourself something that wish for.

Shruti Haasan

Belief in Zodiac Signs –

I’m actually quite superstitious about few things in certain phases. And I follow the Indian zodiac signs and I do follow them. And when I feel I’m getting too much into it, I just check my horoscope and stop doing it. No one can actually predict what’s going to happen in life. I feel there are many permutations and combinations to it. I do read these kinds of stuff every now and then when I’m bored.

Ever ‘acted’ to be happy on surprise birthday plans?

Fortunately, that never happened. When I know people are planning something to surprise me on my birthday, I just tell them ‘Listen, I know you all are planning something for me and let me just help you plan it properly‘. (Laughs) But, I was surprised twice on my birthday and I actually had no clue of it.

Movies lined up –

I’m speaking to couple of people. I’m looking to do some interesting work in Tamil. Tamil cinema, in general, has gone through so many changes right now. I’m not in a rush to do anything and everything. I want do something that I would be happy to be a part of.

Kamal Haasan entering politics –

From the time I started having my own opinions and thoughts, I always found my father to be socially conscious person. He is socially aware and well informed about things around him always. He always taught us from a young age to give back to society as much as you can and he really believes in that. We are very happy for him in that context and I’m sure he will nothing but the best.

Does he speak about his political aspirations when he meets you?

Not in depth, but just keeps us informed about what he is thinking and what he plans to do.


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