Vishal about the death of two children due to electrocution: It’s a crime and not a mistake

Vishal condemned the death of two kids because of electrocution.

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Actor Vishal—who is quite a popular name in Tamil cinema—has never really shied away from taking a firm stand on burning issues. In fact, he was one of the first stars to speak out in favour of Vijay starrer ‘Mersal’ when it ran into trouble with the BJP because of the much-hyped GST scene. In his hard-hitting statement, he had said that any attempts at deleting the scene would be an attack on the freedom of expression. And, now, Vishal has again made a hard-hitting statement on a recent event. As it so happens, yesterday, two lost their lives in Chennai after being electrocuted by some wires that feel because of the heavy downpour.

Condemning the incident, the ‘Poojai’ actor said that that the authorities had committed a crime and not merely made a mistake.  He went on to add that the incident was unfortunate and completely uncalled for.

It’s pathetic to see recurring deaths due to the same scenario every other time when we have a natural calamity be it Heavy Rains, Cyclone, Flood etc… We see Farmers die every year & we see Innocent people being electrocuted during rains. How long are we going to face the same situation? Aren’t we suppose to rectify our mistakes & see to that it doesn’t happen again ?

What is that we are trying to convey? Is our City ill-equipped and we will have to face all these haphazard* and do we have to experience such Deaths @ such times ? It’s really sad & totally uncalled for….This has happened several times in the past… Since we have not addressed these issues on a war footing I think we should rather confirm that Chennai is still not well equipped in terms of overcoming heavy rains, floods, cyclones etc… How many more people do we have to sacrifice to make people mend their mistakes ?

This is a CRIME, not a Mistake but a CRIME !!” he added.

Well, these are some strong words and could ruffle a few feathers. We are sorry to learn about the loss of two young lives and hope such things never happen again. Stay safe, Chennai!

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