Arvind Swami talks about playing the National Anthem in movie theatres

Swami said that it is odd that one has chosen movie theatres as the first place to begin playing the National Anthem.

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Arvind Swami

During a recent interview with a leading website, Tamil star Arvind Swami weighed in on the controversy surrounding playing the National Anthem at movie theatres and made a strong statement. He said that he respects the National Anthem and believes that one should respect it at all costs. However, at the same time, Swami stressed that it is a bit odd to begin this practice at cinema halls.

“To me, personally, it seems a little odd that one would choose movie theatres as the first choice to start playing the National Anthem to instil a sense of patriotism.  I can understand the need to play it before Assembly and Parliament sessions, in the Hon’ble Courts every day, maybe in Government offices where decisions are made that will impact citizens; places where the concept of our nation is defined or redefined every day. But starting with movie theatres…? I wouldn’t mind if it’s done after you start this practice in places of national significance as referred above,” he added.

Besides this, he also spoke about the concept of free speech and said that the liberty cannot be misused to hurt one’s feelings.

“This liberty should exist as long as there is no hurt intended to an individual or a group. Logical counter arguments, civil in nature, are most welcome,” he added.

Well, these are some strong words and prove that Swami is one outspoken individual. On the work front, he currently has ‘Bhaskar Oru Rascal’, ‘Naragasooran’ and ‘Sathuranga Vettai 2’ in his kitty.

So, do you agree with Swami’s views on these issues? Talk to us in the space below.


    Sure. He is just correct in this concept. There is no point in playing the most honorable national anthem in a cinema hall

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