2.0 mania grips LA again as Amy Jackson poses before the Hollywood Signage

Thanks to Amy’s antics, LA has once again got a dose of ‘2.0’ mania.

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Amy Jackson poses in front of the Hollywood signage.

There can be no denying that Amy Jackson is one of the most beautiful ladies in Southern cinema today. In just a few years, the 24-year-old has carved a niche for herself thanks to her charming personality, sincere performances and bubbly nature. Moreover, she has worked with some of the biggest stars and proved that she belongs to the big leagues.

Now, Amy is in the limelight for a wonderful reason. In an exciting development, she recently posed for a pic in front of the Hollywood signage in LA and gave movie buffs a big reason to rejoice. In the pic, she seems to be in a good mood and looks stunning. That’s how you make an impact!

On a related note, this is an eventful time for Amy. At present, she has the eagerly-awaited ‘2.0’ in her kitty. The film is a sequel to the 2010 release ‘Enthiran’ and has been directed by S Shankar. She will be seen opposite the legendary Rajinikanth in this sci-fi thriller. Sometime ago, she had revealed that will not be playing a robot in ‘2.0’.

“No! Definitely not! I cannot say anything more about the role. It is quite a challenging one, and if I talk about it, I would give away the entire plot. All I can say is, it’s something I have never done before,” she had said.

Interestingly, just a few days ago, the ‘2.0’ hot air balloon had flown over the Hollywood signage and made fans proud. Now, thanks to Amy antics, LA has once again got a dose of ‘2.0’ mania.

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