Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson gear up to attend the 2.0 press meet

The 2.0 press meet was held in Dubai earlier today.

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The 2.0 press meet was held in Dubai earlier today.

The eagerly-awaited press meet of Rajinikanth starrer ‘2.0’ was held earlier today in Dubai and it proved to be quite a memorable event. Speaking at the press meet, ‘Thalaivaa’ said that he was grateful to director Shankar for giving him the opportunity to work in a film like ‘2.0’. He went on add that the film ‘2.0’ will end up becoming the pride of Indian cinema.

“I should be thankful to director Shankar sir and producer Subashkaran to cast me in this prestigious picture. It is really going to be India’s prestigious picture. After the release of the film, definitely, people not only in India but overseas also will appreciate it 100%. I have the confidence,” he added.

Well, this is quite a statement and is bound to add to the curiosity surrounding the magnum opus. Interestingly, Akshay Kumar and Shankar too were a part of the press meet and interacted with those in attendance. Talking “about the film, Shankar said that ‘2.0’ has a Hollywood touch to it.

“In 2.0, the premise is new, the message is new and the format is new. It will not look like an Indian movie, it will be like a Hollywood movie. It is a science socio fiction film. I would like to say 2.0 is not a Tamil film but an Indian film,” said Shankar.

In case you did not know, ‘2.0’ is a sequel to ‘Enthiran’ and will see Rajini reprise the Chitti character from part 1. As far as Akki is concerned, he will be playing a negative role in what is the first Tamil film of his career. Here are some pics from the press meet.

Oh, and here is an exclusive image of Rajinikanth and Amy gearing up for the 2.0 press meet

The 2.0 press meet was held in Dubai earlier today.

Here are some photos from the event

A photo from the press meet

Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar at the 2.0 press meet


Rajinikanth gears up for the press meet

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