2.0 VFX Featurette: Director Shankar’s vision behind the making of the film will blow your mind away

Shankar’s vision in combination with the VFX’s teams’ efforts makes the film one of the biggest films in Indian cinema.

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Shankar’s upcoming magnum opus 2.0, sequel to his 2010 release Enthiran, is currently in post-production stage and various studios across the globe are currently working on it since the film involves heavy graphics and VFX. Starring superstar Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson and Akshay Kumar in lead roles, 2.0 is being made on a mammoth budget of approximately Rs.400 crores. The makers of the film went through scary moments a day ago when the teaser of the film got leaked online and went viral, much to disappointment of fans, film personalities and enthusiasts. And in a move to not let the situation get worse, the makers released a making video of 2.0 which gives us a glimpse of what went behind the scenes of the film in terms of 2.0. From shooting in a 3D format to converging scenes with the help of VFX, the video shows the mind-boggling efforts the team of 2.0 has put in. Shankar’s vision in combination with the VFX’s teams’ efforts makes the film one of the biggest films in Indian cinema. 2.0 is slated to be released sometime in August this year, which is yet to be confirmed, and will be a simultaneous release in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Watch the VFX Featurette of 2.0:

Speaking about the kind of approach they had for 2.0, director Shankar said, “In 2.0, there is an equally strong character opposite Chitti. So, naturally the amount of VFX is double of what we had in Robo. The imagination is very wild and huge, and it can be created by VFX only. We approached concept artists to draw all the characters and every object. I picked the ones which were close to my imagination and then later converted them into a rough 3D model.”

Actor Akshay Kumar says that is not an easy job to stay on top of things when you are working on such huge film. “Making Shankar sir’s vision come to life was by far the most gratifying part of my job. My first though was ‘How are they going to pull off something like this and create something like this which is impossible?’. I have never experienced such a VFX before. To be honest, it is very challenging to keep your imagination alive. You start off excited with the project but once you have seen enough green mats around, you start turning green in your head. But Shankar sir keeps everyone on the edge of the harness, literally. It is easy to stay inspired when you have the greatest Indian visionary on top his every move,” Akshay said.


    Great to see Indian cinema (particularly Southern Industry) is putting so much of hardwork to try out something new. I guess as audience we are always encouraging for filmmakers to keep on trying new stuff provided the content is great.

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