Bigg Boss Tamil: This evicted contestant says that she will no longer tweet about the Kamal Haasan-hosted show

Harathi has stated that she will no longer be tweeting about Bigg Boss Tamil as her comments are often misused.

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It is an open secret that the Tamil version of ‘Bigg Boss’ has become a rage amongst people from all walks of life. Everyone—right from commoners to celebs—is following the Kamal Haasan-hosted reality show and falling in love with its twists and turns. In fact, even contestants who have been ousted from the show are following it with much enthusiasm. And, one such individual is the lovely Harathi.  The lady, who is known for her remarks about ‘Bigg Boss’, recently became the victim of a troll. A Twitter follower insulted her and called her ‘fake’. Replying to the insult, she gave the troll a piece of her mind and blocked the follower.

“Un photovaiye originala vaikka thuppilladha pedi payyan Enna fakenu soldriya…. Podaaaanggg….. U deserve block get lost,” she added.

Shortly thereafter, she took to Twitter and said that she would no longer tweet about ‘Bigg Boss’ as her remarks are often misinterpreted/misused. She added that, henceforth, she will be a  ‘silent viewer’.

“Hereafter nothing regarding my views on BB..Bcoz many YouTube channels use my comments as if I told them-bad so let me be silent viewer,” added Harathi.

Well, these are some strong words and we truly respect her decision.

On a related note, a lot has been happening in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house these days. The entry of wildcard Bindu Madhavi  has changed the face of the contest completely. Moreover, the much-loved Oviya has been nominated for eviction this week. It will be worth watching if her fans are able to save her.

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