Alphonse Puthren: SS Rajamouli-Rajinikanth will break Avatar’s record

The Premam director wrote feels that this combination will break all the records.

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Rajinikanth and Rajamouli

Baahubali 2 has created waves which have hit the global box office records too. The collections worldwide at the closing of the fourth day were a little over a staggering number of INR 600 crores. Baahubali 2 ruled the box office and most of the theatres in South India screened only Baahubali 2 all the shows. Rajamouli is being hailed by everyone including top actors from all the Indian film industries. One that really pleased Rajamouli is a compliment from Super Star Rajinikanth.

Rajinikanth complimented Rajamouli saying Baahubali is the pride of Indian cinema and called Rajamouli as god’s child. Rajamouli was elated with these words from Rajinikanth and mentioned in an interview recently that it has been his wish to work with Rajinikanth for a long time.

Rajamouli said that he doesn’t have the right script that suits Super Star Rajinikanth but will work on one if required. These words from the maverick filmmaker lead to a lot of speculations that Rajamouli will soon be teaming up with Rajinikanth and the script is being worked on presently.

Director of Malayalam hit Premam, Alphonse Puthren, had a different point of view regarding this. “Hope director S.S. Rajamouli does one film with Superstar Rajinikanth…If it happens…the record of Avatar in worldwide box office will be second,” wrote Alphonse on his social networking page.

If this were to materialise, the expectations around the film will be sky high. Many producers will agree to bankroll the film without any hesitations.

How about Rajinikanth being a part of the film that Rajamouli plans to make with Aamir Khan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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