Andrea Jeremiah has no plans of watching her own film Aval and here’s why

Andrea said that she will skip watching Aval as she gets scared during horror films

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Andrea Jeremiah has no plans of watching her own film Aval and here’s why

Actress Andrea Jeremiah is going through a terrific phase of the professional front these days. Her last release ‘Taramani’ had fared extremely well at the box office while receiving rave reviews along the way. And, now, the lovely lady is all set to entertain fans with her latest release ‘Aval’. A horror film, it also features Siddharth in the lead and has already grabbed plenty of attention courtesy its gripping trailer. Interestingly, the film features quite a few bold scenes which have become the talk of the town,

During a recent chat with DC, Andrea opened up about the bold scenes and said that there is nothing wrong with them. She went on to add that the audience are slowly evolving and are ready to accept such stuff.

“The director has portrayed only what happens in reality — how newly-weds spend their first night! So, there’s nothing wrong in it. I think Tamil cinema is slowly evolving,” added the actress.

Besides this, she also stated that she gets quite scared during horror movies and will hence refrain from watching Aval in theatres.

“I am actually scared of even watching a horror movie… that’s the precise reason I am not going to watch Aval also! If you ask me why I agreed to this film, I would say that the character is very nice and it was a comfortable team to work with,” added the actress.

Well, this is quite a surprising revelation, indeed! We hope that Aval does well and helps Andrea continue her rise to stardom.

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