Arvind Swami on Demonetisation: I would welcome and support any such initiative that can curb black money

Arvind Swami said that no one really objected to demonetisation as it was something that could help the country.

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Arvind Swami

Last year, the Indian government took the bold decision to demonetise 500 and 1000 rupee notes in order to fight back against black money. Nearly one year later, people are still talking about the impact of the bold initiative. During a recent chat with a leading website, actor Arvind Swami weighed in on the matter and said that he is in favour of any initiative that can curb the black money problem. However, at the same time, the ‘Roja’ star said that any loopholes in the implementation of such initiatives should be taken into consideration before they are implemented.

“Even given the fact that I don’t perceive the results to be positive, I would welcome and support any such initiative in the future that intends to curb black money and corruption, with the optimism that the loopholes in implementation will be thought of beforehand and plugged, the next time around,” he added.

Besides this, he also said that no one really had a problem standing in queues outsides banks/ATMs post demonetisation as it was viewed as something that would benefit the nation as a whole.

“Lakhs of people stood in queues for hours to collect their money and there was hardly any dissent. That was because people of this country thought that it was for the good of the nation. They were the ones who actually worked hard in its implementation,” added Swami.

Well, these are some strong words and prove that he is one outspoken person. On the work front, he currently has ‘Bhaskar Oru Rascal’ and ‘Naragasooran’ in his kitty.

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