Bigg Boss participant Raiza Wilson: The trolls about us were rude and it does hurt people

Raiza Wilson is one of the contestants on the Bigg Boss Tamil show who was won some hearts during her stay inside the house.

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Bigg Boss participant Raiza Wilson: The trolls about us were rude and it does hurt people

Bengaluru based model, Raiza Wilson, struck gold when she was chosen to participate as a contestant in the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil show. Having spent a good amount of time inside the Bigg Boss house with other contestants, Raiza Wilson seems to have learnt more on how to deal with people and unpredictable situations. Speaking to a leading daily, Raiza Wilson shared her experience of participating in the First Season of Bigg Boss Tamil show and how she dealt with the things in the real world after she came out of the house.

Each day was unpredictable — that was the challenge. You don’t know what will happen after 30 minutes. But as a human, you learn to adapt to whatever surroundings you are thrust into. Also, you know all of us are going through the same thing, so, you kind of use the friendship. Sitting together and laughing about silly things are the happiest memories I have,” Raiza told TOI speaking about the challenges she faced inside the Bigg Boss house.

Speaking about Oviya and her encounters with other contestants, Raiza said, “The moment I entered the house, I was friends with Oviya because we were of the same age group. After that, I did move away because when you live together, you are bound to have difference of opinion with people. There were some clashes, but I didn’t have anything major with anyone. But now, it is all forgotten.”

Speaking about her feeling when she saw the memes and trolls online after coming out of the house, Raiza says, “The funny memes were entertaining. But the mean ones about some people are not appreciated. We were inside the house, so we know what happened. People are different — some are chilled-out, some have temper issues, and so on. I don’t think there is anything wrong in that. That’s how anybody would behave in their home, right? The mean trolls were rude and it does hurt people. After all, you don’t see the whole thing; you see only the edited version for one hour on the show.


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