Bigg Boss Tamil – 26th September 2017, Episode 94 update: On day 93, Harish mimics actor Simbu while Bindu plays Nayanthara.

The housemates are challenged to a dance face-off by Bigg Boss.

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Arav and Bindu ask Snehan if there is a love story behind all his soulful poetry. He laughs and denies it. Bigg Boss announces a task for the housemates where they need to tie balloons to their feet and burst the balloons tied to another housemate’s feet. First, Snehan steps on the balloon tied to Bindu’s feet and she gets eliminated from the task. Since Harish won yesterday’s task, Bigg Boss grants Harish one minute to convince the viewers to vote for him. Ganesh, Harish, Arav and Snehan try and step on each other’s balloons, however, only Ganesh manages to win the task. Bigg Boss announces that he will reward him soon. Bigg Boss announces the next task in which they are asked to dress as actors of the Tamil film industry and dance to certain songs. Harish dresses as Simbu, Arav as Rajinikanth, Bindu as Nayanthara, Ganesh as Ajith and Snehan as Ramraj.

In the next task, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to make Bajjis. Snehan volunteers to be the judge for the task to decide who should win. Snehan declares Ganesh and Bindu as winners of the task. In the next task, housemates are tied to a chair with steel chains and multiple locks, while the other housemate is blindfolded and is asked to search for the keys to free the other housemate. The blindfolded rescuers are tied together with just one rope. Harish and Arav complete the task on time and are declared winners. After the task, Snehan breaks down and reveals that he is too overwhelmed by his time at the Bigg Boss house. He tells Ganesh and Bindu that he has seen a lot of hardship in life, and taking part in Bigg Boss was a unique experience for him. Ganesh and Bindu comfort him by saying they will all catch up after the show is over. The final song of the night is played when the housemates are tucked in bed. Arav realizes that he is supposed to dance for the song and performs on it.

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