Bigg Boss Tamil ex-contestant Kaajal apologises to audience for ‘judging’ them

Kaajal also said she is overwhelmed with joy for the kind of love shown towards her.

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Bigg Boss Tamil ex-contestant Kaajal apologises to audience for ‘judging’ them

After being eliminated from the Bigg Boss Tamil show in the latest episode, Kaajal took to her social networking page and posted an emotional message. Kaajal apologised to the audience for ‘judging’ them and said was overwhelmed at the love shown towards her.

OMG I’m overwhelmed with joy. Luv yo guys. I feel ashamed for judging audience blindly. I’m really sorry guys😣 yo guys are the best. Yo guys have proved me wrong. Thankyou one &all. Luvy’all,” Kaajal wrote on her Facebook page. Kaajal had said in one of the episodes that everyone is using Oviya’s fame to gain popularity for which she was lauded by many viewers and social media was filled with messages praising Kaajal.

While Kaajal posted an emotional message and expressed herself, Bigg Boss Tamil sensation Oviya Helen posted a message on her social networking page about her relationship status. The actress said she is single and satisfied indicating that her relationship with Aarav is over.

Things started going a bit awry after Aarav started ignoring Oviya on the show which irked fans of the actress. Oviya, however, opted to walk out of the show midway citing depression and mental stress as the reason.

After walling out of the Bigg Boss Tamil show, Oviya Helen kept to herself most of the time and hasn’t spoken much on social media or any other forum. Oviya has garnered so much following during her stint at the Bigg Boss Tamil show and has now become the most popular actress in Tamil.

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