Bigg Boss Tamil: Fans are slowly but surely warming up to Snehan

The recent segment featuring Snehan and his dad has touched the hearts of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ fans.

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There can be no denying that the much-loved first season of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ has given fans plenty to cheer about. Sometime ago, the bold Oviya became the heartthrob of Tamil Nadu and grabbed plenty of attention. In fact, such was the craze surrounding this lady that terms like ‘Oviya army’ became extremely popular. While many would have thought that she would actually end up winning the show, destiny had other plans. A few weeks ago, her stint on ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ came to a sudden end when she walked out of the show citing health issues.

Now, weeks after her exit, yet another contestant is slowly but surely gaining the support of fans. And that person is Snehan. The lyricist seems to have become the talk of the town and has won the support of some detractors as well. Fans, in particular, seemed to have liked the recent segment which saw him reunite with his 95-year-old dad after a gap of 18 years. It apparently left many fans a bit teary-eyed.

In case you did not know, recently family members and friends of the contestants visited the house and spend some time with them.  During this segment, Snehan met his dad and became extremely emotional along the way. He cried and caressed his dad’s head as Ganesh tried to console him. Interestingly, the makers of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’  played the ‘Deivangal Ella’ number before Snehan’s dad entered the house and made the moment even more special.

Here is a look at what Tweeple are saying about Snehan and the recent segment.


    nothing is equal to dad love

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