Bigg Boss Tamil: Gayathri gets evicted in this week’s episode while Kamal Haasan loses his cool for the first time

After being nominated into the danger zone, Gayathri got eliminated from the Bigg Boss Tamil show in this week's episode.

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Bigg Boss Tamil has been increasingly gathering some great attention after new entrants via the wildcard entry into the house and the drama that unfolds each week between the contestants. Oviya kept viewers glued to show while she was in the house but in her absence, Gayathri and Raiza seem to be the interesting elements the show has for viewers. Bindu Madhavi, who entered the Bigg Boss hoiuse recently, kept herself busy by acclimatising with the atmosphere and the contestants in the house.

After a week full of histrionics, Gayathri got evicted from the Bigg Boss Tamil show in this week’s episode. Host Kamal Haasan made the announcement after asking the rest of the contestants of their opinion about Gayathri and Raiza who were in the danger zone. After all the hula boo, Kamal Haasan made the announcement about the eviction of Gayathri who left the house and gave rest of the contestants a message before leaving.

Even before all the happenings started, Kamal Haasan first took a look at the recap of the weeks progress inside the house. Post that, Kamal Haasan had a brief conversation with the contestants but shocked everyone with his reaction. Kamal Haasan lost his cool and lashed out at all the contestants for their behaviour inside the house. Kamal warned everyone for the way they have been talking and the manner at which they have been dealing with things inside the house. But soon Kamal got back into the grove and continued with his hosting.



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