Bigg Boss Tamil: Kamal Haasan explains why the smoking room is not shown on the show

’Bigg Boss Tamil’ host Haasan said that the decision was taken in order to ensure that fans don’t get encouraged to smoke in real-life.

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During the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’, host Kamal Haasan revealed why scenes that take place in the smoking room are not shown and said that the decision was taken by the whole team. He went on to add that the decision was taken to ensure that youngsters don’t get encouraged to user Tobacco in real-life.

“It was a conscious decision taken by the whole team of Bigg Boss, to not showcase the scenes taking place in the smoking room as we would not want people to start smoking because the characters in the show are doing it,” he added.

Recalling something that happened to him when he was young, Haasan said that he began smoking after seeing Sivaji Ganesan smoke on the big screen.

“When I was younger, I started tobacco use in real life after watching Sivaji sir smoke. I wanted to do it for the style. I quit later on, not only in real life but also in my movies. I did that because I didn’t want the audience to do it because I do it. That is why we decided not to show the scenes from the smoking room,” added the actor.

It goes without saying that the makers of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ must be praised for taking such a mature decision. On a related note, ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ has become a rage amongst viewers as it features an interesting mix of participants and several dramatic moments.

So, do you think the makers of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ did the right thing by not showing the smoking room? Tell us in the space below.



    No way.. If coffee is a luxury then how come cigarettes are not?


    Good way to spare awareness


    Nothing new…they don’t show the smoking room in the hindi version as well which is being aired for more than a decade now. Moreover contestants can go to the smoking only 1 at a time. But in the tamil version we see more than 1 in the room


    If they wanted to have good influence on the audience, they wouldn’t make trashy shows like Bigg Boss in the first place


    What a joke, what a joke. If they were mature they should have not had the option of a smoking room at all in the show.


    Well done to educate people all over the world! I am proud BIGG BOSS TAMIL!

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