Bigg Boss Tamil: Namitha gets evicted while Oviya earns huge support

Namitha speaks out about Julie and Oviya after her elimination from the Bigg Boss house.

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Bigg Boss Tamil: Namitha gets evicted while Oviya earns a stronger army on social media

Bigg Boss Tamil is now the most talked about show on television in Tamil circles after the drama getting intensified with days progressing. And in this week, Namitha gets eliminated from the Bigg Boss house which was announced by host Kamal Haasan.

This is the most challenging moment of my life. I hate dirty mind games. If you give love and respect, I reciprocate the same. I would like to warn others about Oviya’s attitude. She keeps provoking everyone and plays mind-games to manipulate others. Julie always stages a drama to attract attention. Julie glorified her pain and put up an exaggerated performance,” said Namitha after her eviction from Bigg Boss Tamil.

The drama on the show became more intense after Kamal Haasan showed a video of a conversation between Julie and Oviya, which clearly indicated the manipulation by Julie. Julie admitted that she did manipulate few things to which host Kamal Haasan responded – “It’s not manipulation, Julie. It’s hallucination.”

After her eviction from the Bigg Boss house, Namitha termed Julie as a liar and Oviya as chameleon. And this is when Kamal Haasan decided to put out the video of the conversation between Julie and Oviya which proved a lot of things said by Namitha.

Oviya, in the meanwhile, has earned a huge following on social media because of her tactics on Bigg Boss.  One line that has become a war cry sort of a thing is her famous – ‘Neenga Shutup Pannunga’ (You please shut up). And post this becoming famous, memes and trolls followed on social media now leading to lot of debate, arguments and almost virtual wars.



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