Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya is my biggest competitor, says new entrant Bindu Madhavi

The drama on the show is expected to get unfolded this week after actress Bindu Madhavi entered the house via wildcard entry.

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Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya is my biggest competitor, says new entrant Bindu Madhavi

After making an entry through w wildcard in the Tamil Bigg Boss show, actress Bindu Madhavi seems to be preparing to strategize her moves in the house. From ranking people in the order of her liking to judging who could be her biggest competitor, Bindu Madhavi seems to have gotten her first steps right in the house. After host Kamal Haasan brought Bindu Madhavi in the house, the actress said that she has been following the show as a viewer and is very excited to be in the house as a contestant.

I’m quite thrilled. I have watched all the episodes so far as a viewer. Only when I decided to compete for the title two days back, I looked at the show as a contestant from a different perspective. I think Oviya is my biggest competitor in the house,” said Bindu Madhavi. After her entry in the house, Kamal Haasan had a piece advice to Bindu Madhavi before she entered the house.

Kamal asked Bindu Madhavi to not discuss about things which are happening outside the house and keep her conversations related to aspects within the Bigg Boss house. Speculations are high that Bindu Madhavi has an edge over other inmates since she now has better knowledge of all the contestants after having watched all the episodes since beginning.

While all this is happening, Oviya has been garnering a lot of support outside the house and on social media, and is now one of the special attractions of the Bigg Boss Tamil show.

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