Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya confirms that she will not be returning to the show

In her latest video, Oviya has stated that she has no plans of returning to ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ in the near future

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Ever since the current heartthrob of Tamil Nadu Oviya Helen left the Kamal Haasan-hosted ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ because of health issues, fans have been clamouring for her to return to the show. However, it seems that the lady herself is not interested in returning to the reality show anytime in the near future. A few hours ago, she released a video in which she confirmed that she has no plans of entering that house ever again. Moreover, she requested fans to stop abusing Shakhti and Julie. She went on to add that whatever had happened on the show was a very small thing and one must move on.

“I understand the pain when I was cornered by 14 members inside the house and they should not suffer the same. We make mistakes as humans. I am not perfect and nobody is perfect. If we do not commit mistakes we are not humans,” she added.

Besides this, the lady added that those who insult other participants are not her true fans.

“People, who commit rapes and murders, are being pardoned by governments. This is a small matter. I appreciate your support, love and encouragement, but I do not like hurting others. In fact, I do not need those fans, who abuse other contestants,” she added.

Well, these words once again prove that Oviya is one outspoken and honest individual. Her decision to stay away from ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ will surely break several hearts and  make fans miss her even more.

So, did you like Oviya’s honest message? Comments, please!

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