Bigg Boss Tamil: Rift between Oviya and Aarav becomes the talking point now

Feeling uncomfortable with the intimacy show, Aarav is said to have told Oviya to behave in front of others appropriately.

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Bigg Boss Tamil: Rift in relationship between Oviya and Aarav becomes the talking pint now

Bigg Boss Tamil is now becoming the most viewed television show in Tamil circles after couple of eliminations from the house and a new entrant via a wildcard entry making it more exciting. Actress Bindu Madhavi entered the Bigg Boss house through a wildcard and the focus is now on her as viewers would want to see how see would deal with the contestants and their strategies.

While all this is happening, the rift between Oviya and Aarav has become the talking point amongst the viewers and messages on social media are testimonial to it. Apparently, Aarav is said to have told Oviya to get her act together and to behave in front of other contestants. The intimacy factor is what is seem to have caused the rift between Aarav and Oviya, which the former seems to be uncomfortable with.

And after the show entered the sixth week of the first season, Oviya is now nominated into the elimination and this is for the fourth time since the inception of the show. Social media army of Oviya are confident that they will see their favourite contestant move to safe zone without any challenges and want Oviya’s arch rival, Julie, to be evicted soon.

Campaigns, hashtags, giffs and polls are being run on Twitter, Facebook and Google to make sure that Oviya Helen not just moves to the safe zone, but also ends up as the title winner of the Bigg Boss Tamil show. Oviya has won the hearts of many people and earned a huge following since the reality show has started with the way she has dealt with other contestants on the show and things that came her way.


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