Bigg Boss Tamil: September 19th, 2017, Episode 87 Update: Arav gets his hands waxed while Suja gets her hair coloured

Bigg Boss announces a set of fun tasks for the housemates that will help them win points.

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In the beginning of today’s episode of Bigg Boss, Snehan and Arav are seen discussing Ganesh’s physical strength. Arav tells Snehan that Ganesh is skilled at tasks that involve physical strength as he is extremely fit. Snehan, in turn, tells Arav that he knows his strengths and performing a physical task isn’t one of them. He also tells Bindu that surviving in the outside world is better than surviving in the Bigg Boss house, since the house has no contact with the outside world and the housemates have nothing to look forward to. Things get tougher with each passing day and it tests their mental strength. In today’s task, Bigg Boss gives a set of instructions to each house member over the phone. Each housemate will be given a task; once the task is complete the players will be awarded points.

Bigg Boss instructs Harish to pick a housemate and convince the person to colour a portion of their hair. Suja volunteers and gets her hair coloured. In the next task, Bigg Boss assigns Snehan to convince Arav to get his hair and legs waxed. What follows is a gag-filled sequence featuring a nervous Arav. Arav successfully completes the task. The next task, assigned to Ganesh is to convince a housemate to cut up four pairs of shoes and Suja decides to volunteer by giving up her shoes. After this Arav jokingly tells Harish that Suja is ready to do anything to gain points – even if it involves her to tonsure her head. In the next task, Suja convinces Ganesh to get his face painted. However, Ganesh fails to win the task as Suja misinterprets the instructions given by Bigg Boss. Ganesh loses his temper but quickly calms down after he expresses that he’s fair on his part and that this is a part of the game’s rules.

Snehan’s task involve him to sleep and sit only on a mat and avoid sitting on the furniture like other housemates. Bindu’s task is to eat bitter gourd, ginger and green chilies in which she succeeds. Arav takes up his next big challenge by accepting to shave off his beard and moustache to sport a clean-shaven look. Another task involves Arav and Bindu to sing and dance respectively, without a break. The duo succeeds in doing so. The episode’s final task ends in a cliffhanger as Snehan and Bindu are challenged to make sure lamps are lit and the fire is never extinguished throughout the night. Whether or not they succeed in completing this task will be revealed in tomorrow’s episode.

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