Bigg Boss Tamil: Simbu praises Oviya, asks fans to forgive Gayathri

Simbu urged Oviya fans to stop abusing other 'Bigg Boss' contestants and forgive them.

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Bigg Boss Tamil: Simbu praises Oviya, asks fans to forgive Gayathri

The Tamil version of ‘Bigg Boss’ has become a craze amongst people from all walks of life. Not just commoners but noted celebrities too have been following it with much enthusiasm. And, one such person is Simbu. The star recently had a chat on Twitter with choreographer Sathish. Sathish, who is a die-hard fan Oviya, lashed out at Gayathri and co for ganging up on his favourite participant.

“Gay3 have not taken Oviya as friend instead of telling everything to Shakthi u could have spoke to Oviya . So u r showing some stunts (sic),” he added.

Replying to him, STR said that Gayathri is not a bad person and one must not hate her.  He went on to urge Oviya fans to stop abusing other contestants and just forgive them.

“Why judge? Let’s just accept the way they are. Gayathri is not a bad person or others as well, situation and circumstances make one G or B. True lets just forgive , once she comes out she will obviously understand her mistakes . And everyone else for that matter . hope for unity. its better to make them understand than to abuse them. just because we like Oviya for what she is why hurt others ? spread love,” he added.

Well, it goes without saying this conversion proves that the Oviya army is getting stronger with each and every day. We sincerely wish Oviya the very best and hope that she continues winning hearts.

On a related note, Oviya has been nominated for elimination thisd week. It will be worth watching if the Oviya Army is able to save her this time around as well.


    Oviya is Acting Please Dont Truest Her………………..???


    Oviya Should Leave

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