Dhansika reacts to the T Rajendar controversy: I am grateful to those who are supporting me

Dhansika thanked fans for supporting her after the incident involving T Rajendar.

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Veteran actor T Rajendar recently found himself in the news for all the wrong reasons when he insulted actress Dhansika on stage for a rather unexpected reason. As it so happens, during her speech, the lovely lady forgot to mention TR’s name while thanking the team of her upcoming film ‘Vizhithiru’. And, for some reason, this upset the veteran.

He lashed out at her and said that she skipped his name only because she has acted with a superstar like Rajinikanth in ‘Kabali’.  Dhansika tried to make amends but TR continued giving her a piece of his mind. Things soon turned so ugly that the lady broke down on stage. Needless to say, this created quite a buzz in the industry and fans made it clear that they were firmly behind her.

Now, Dhansika has broken her silence on this matter.  She just took to twitter and thanked those who supported her after the incident.

“I’m really obliged to d no of ppl 4showing their care and luv 4 me, for what happened to me. But it is a pity, this is state of lone women,” she added.

Well, this was truly a strong reply and we hope that such things don’t happen again.

On a related note, ‘Vizhithiru’ is touted to be an action-thriller and features Krishna in the lead. Set in Chennai, the film has been shot around Richtie Street and Mount Road.

So, what is your take on the whole controversy? Tell us in the space below.


    Who is this uncouth t.rajenthar? Why praise him? He does that very well himself😀. I watched some dance programs where he say as judge. Even though he praised the performers, he never failed to praise himself and show of his musical skills or keep on boasting about himself. An absolute show off.


    TR dont beg for respect… it should come from their heart not by force


    Senior actors should encourage youngsters rather than insulting them in public just because they did not mention their name . Dhanshika has not done anything wrong , it is just the inferiority complex which led to such thinking . Also the so called hero in the movie was just giggling behind TR . There was no one to stop the nonsense.


    Even after actress dhanshika apologised, it is wrong on part of TR to have behaved life this. I think the public perception of TR as tanked to a new low.


    Saw that video, even after apologizing Mr.TR should have had the courtesy to apologize instead of making such a big fuzz about, absolutely nonsense Mr. TR….I personally stand by you Ms. Dhansika.


    Mr.rajener what is wrong with you, ridiculous.


    who is this rajender.. looks like a comedian

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