Dhanush walks out of an interview after being asked about Suchi Leaks

The VIP 2 actor apparently got irked after being asked few questions about Suchi Leaks and his personal life.

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Photos: Making of VIP 2 from the sets with Dhanush, Kajol and Soundarya Rajinikanth

Actor Dhanush is now gearing up for the promotions of his upcoming film Vellai Illa Pattadhari 2 which is written and produced by the actor himself. Also referred to as VIP 2, the film is being directed by Soundarya Rajinikanth while the music of the film is being composed by Sean Roldan. The release of VIP 2 was postponed recently and confirming this, director Soundarya Rajinikanth posted a message on her Twitter page about it.

The cast and crew of VIP 2 have, however, started the promotions of the films in Tamil, Telugu and Bollywood as well. Dhanush was recently in an interview with a popular Telugu news channel and the proceedings in the interview has shocked his fans and viewers.

Apparently, the interviewer asked Dhanush few questions about his personal life which included the infamous Suchi Leaks which irked Dhanush. Dhanush walked out of the interview after getting irate for being asked such personal questions.

Suchi Leaks jolted the South Indian cinema after singer Suchitra Karthik leaked few personal photo and videos of many actors, including Dhanush, on her Twitter page. The South Indian film industry and regular movie-goers were in shock after many popular celebrities were seen in these photos.

And in this particular interview of Dhanush, the actor was asked few questions about Suchi Leaks after which the actor stormed out of the interview. Fans of the actor and a certain section of critics are now questioning the sensibilities of interviewers for asking these kinds of things in a promotional interview. Few people have also said that this might be a promotional tactic by the channel to gain TRPs.


    Dhanush is a criminal walking scot-free!


      Do you have any evidences against him for whatever imaginary crimes that you think he did???


    Very stupid questions!


      Is Kajol a great human being or a great actor? She can’t be both? Illogical!


    Obviously he will walk out; he is guilty. One day will some Dhanush…when you will not be able to walk away. The sins done against women will come back to haunt you. It always does.


      What sins he has done against woman?? Where is Suchi now? Her own husband has confirmed she is not mentally stable, only men-hating feminists will believe that crap..

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