Director Shankar to start work on ‘Indian 2’ with Kamal Haasan soon?

It is being reported that Shankar met Kamal Haasan and the two have been discussing about working on ‘Indian 2’.

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Filmmaker Shankar S is currently working on the most prestigious project – 2.0 – which is a sequel to his 2010 film Enthiran. With Rajinikanth in the lead role, 2.0 will have Amy Jackson playing the leading lady and Bollywood top actor Akshay Kumar will be seen playing the antagonist. 2.0 is slated to be released in January 2018 and the post-production works on the film are currently in progress. While all this is happening, reports are doing round that director Shankar may soon start work on sequel to his 1996 super hit film – Indian – starring Kamal Haasan in the lead role.

Film circles in South India are abuzz with the news of Shankar starting work on ‘Indian – 2’. It is being reported that Shankar met Kamal Haasan and the two have been discussing about working on ‘Indian 2’. Reports are also, now, emerging that Telugu top producer Dil Raju might bankroll the project and more details are expected to be revealed soon.

These developments happen while actor Kamal Haasan has been hinting at an entry into politics and cleaning up the political situation in Tamil Nadu. The story of ‘Indian’ dealt with corrupt officials and how Kamal Haasan takes steps to eradicate the corruption in the government system. Kamal Haasan has been vocal, lately, in regards to the political situation in the state of Tamil Nadu and has been indicating that he will soon foray into politics.

The news of ‘Indian – 2’ comes at the moment when Kamal Haasan is venturing into politics and fans of both, Kamal Haasan and Shankar, couldn’t have asked for a better time than this for the sequel of Indian.


    Remember Kamal on Project Politics….So he can’t commit a film in that time…

    I predict Kamal will not act in film after his official Political entry announcement.


    Vikram could also have been an alternative choice to him


    I think Kamal Sir is the beginner and the founder of Indian 1,2or three because it is him in real live and not ajith.He can act his same old style of movies like gangterism.It is more of Kamals movie than of ajith.


    Yes i suggested Ajit is right person in Indian 2.


    Kamal Hassan and Rajnikanth is well past their age to play strapping young hunks. Why do they insist on taking roles they are clearly too old to play.


    Ajith should act in Shankar and not Kamal.
    Why is Shankar avoiding Ajith ?

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