Editor B. Lenin makes derogatory comments on Amala Paul

National Award-winning editor B. Lenin says the media is giving unnecessary attention to Amala Paul

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Editor B. Lenin makes derogatory comments on Amala Paul

Recently a video featuring National Award-winning film editor B. Lenin was uploaded on Youtube. One click on the video and you would know that it isn’t just an ordinary one. The video was shot at an event to support the release of Padmavati. Editor B. Lenin voiced his views on the release saying that the movie can be premiered at the Chennai Film Festival even without a censor certificate. He soon digressed from the important issue to speak about actress Amala Paul. Referring to a click-bait headline about Amala Paul which was published in a media portal, Lenin began saying how the media is giving unnecessary attention to actors and actresses. He was referring to the interview in which Amala Paul spoke about how exposing her navel in a saree (which featured in the poster of Thiruttu Payale 2) would become a point of discussion. She also went on to say that her co-star Bobby Simha had jitters while shooting for romantic scenes in the film and how she had the upper hand at making him comfortable.

At the event, Lenin commented on the interview by saying “She’s speaking about the navel. With CG, we can go even further inside and show everything. Chee.” He also commented another disparaging remark ”What does she mean by upper hand, who would be on top?”. He went on to shame Deepika Padukone by saying her father himself has asked her to get out.

This is not the first time an actor is being shamed. Recently, actress Jyothika was highly criticized for swearing in her upcoming film Naachyiar. The moral policing and shaming have become common in the film industry which is dominated by patriarchal views. What makes things worse is the sound of giggles from men who are also present at events when women are shamed.

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