Exclusive! Director Gopi Nainar: Aramm will create a huge impact on the audience

In this exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, opens up about his forthcoming Tamil socio-political thriller Aramm,

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Director Gopi Nainar, in this exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, opens up about his forthcoming Tamil socio-political thriller ‘Aramm’, working with lady superstar Nayanthara and why the film will create a huge impact on the viewers.

This is your debut film and you got the opportunity to work with a star like Nayanthara. Were you under a lot of pressure to deliver?

This script was turned down by a lot of producers who felt the subject didn’t have any commercial elements and was more suited to be made into a documentary. I felt the pressure when I was desperately looking for a producer to back my project. Once Nayanthara madam came on board, I felt more responsible because I was working with such a huge star in my maiden film. She didn’t let me feel any pressure because she owned the film and made me feel comfortable from the beginning.

You must have been relieved to feel so comfortable around a star.

More than being comfortable, I was moved by her commitment and investment in the project. Some people in the industry didn’t want this film to get made and they tried their best to stop it wherever possible. But she shouldered the film all along and assured me that the film will get made come what may. It felt so encouraging to hear such words from a star. She not only showed immense faith in me but also in the script.

There are rumours that Nayanthara was so invested in the project because she had produced it.

These are baseless rumours. She is not the producer of the film. However, she only helped put together the project. Our producer Rajesh is her good friend and she saw to that I got everything for the project. In the fifth minute of my narration, she told me she will do that project and even ensured that I was paid advance.

Nayanthara in ‘Aramm’

What do you think drew her to the project that she gave her nod in the fifth minute of narration?

It’s a socially relevant film with a very strong message. I believe she was moved by the message and she strongly endorses the issue we address in the film. Although she has done many commercial films, she was more interested in this subject because of its relevance today. I could sense her commitment from the moment she agreed to be part of the project. Even a week back, she called and told me that she wants this film to succeed for me. She said she will help me reach the next level in my career. Such words from her were so encouraging.

Going by the trailer, the film looks very serious with powerful dialogues. How do you think audiences will receive it?

The film’s tone might be serious but the relevance of its story will resonate across all sections of the audience. Everyone can relate to the issue we have addressed and that’s why I strongly believe ‘Aramm’ will create a huge impact.

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