EXCLUSIVE – Prabhudheva on Mercury: I am not tensed about the film’s release

Mercury is a thriller film which also looks spooky and it's something the audience has never seen before.

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Prabhudheva has collaborated with noted director Karthik Subbaraj for the film Mercury. The teaser and trailer look exciting. The film has no dialogues. Mercury is a thriller film which also looks spooky and it’s something the audience has never seen before.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, we asked Prabhudheva was it challenging to do a film that has no dialogues to which he answered, “When we were shooting, there was no sound also. Sound comes in after the film finishes. So it was a silent movie. Very exciting actually for us to do something new, we have never done before. But for me, I hope people will love it more because I know the script and the story. And also, it’s not like it’s a boring film. It has action. It’s a full action film. Actually, I didn’t put it in thriller (genre), it’s an action film. So I thought people will love it.”

He added, “Everyone can watch (the film). While shooting only I was excited. Normally we get tension when the film is releasing. For this film, I am not tensed because people will love it. (It’s) something new.”

When asked about the challenging scenes he shot in the film, the actor said, “Many scenes were there. It’s a night shooting so whatever scenes we did after 3 o’ clock, it was challenging. It was very tough in the night to do it.

The director-actor-choreographer said that the whole film is his favourite when we asked about his favourite scene. “The full film (is my favourite). It’s like it’s happening in one night. So, when I enter (in the film) only it became my favourite. You will see, when you watch it you will know why I said it,” said Prabhudheva.

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