EXCLUSIVE! Raai Laxmi: My sister is my pillar of support and she means everything to me

In this exclusive interview with Pinkvilla South, Raai Laxmi gets candid abut her personal life and her Bollywood debut Julie 2.

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EXCLUSIVE! Raai Laxmi: My sister is my pillar of support and she means everything to me

Raai Laxmi

Last year, the much-loved Raai Laxmi entered Bollywood with Julie 2 and added a new dimension to her career. Directed by Deepak Shivdasani, the film featured her in a bold avatar and created some pre-release buzz courtesy its trailer. However, the buzz did not translate into commercial success. During an exclusive with Pinkvilla(South), Raai Laxmi revealed that she did Julie 2 as she wanted her 50th film to be a heroine-centric film and its script fit the bill perfectly.

“Everybody would want to be launched opposite a big hero or get a big break. Even I was thinking along those lines. However, as it so happens, I was looking for a heroine centric film for my 50th film and I found this script to be the best. It just happened to be a Bollywood film. I have no regrets. People will remember that my 50th film was a women-centric one,” she said.

Raai Laxmi went on to add that she has no regrets about doing Julie 2 as it has opened up new avenues for her and paved the way for more Hindi films in the future.

“It was a good launch in terms of the scope and it does not matter that it did not do well. I have been getting a lot of enquires and the door has opened for me in Bollywood,” said Raai Laxmi.

Well, we hope that she continues winning hearts and experimenting with her body of work

Interestingly, just like all of us, Raai Laxmi has also been through ups and downs in life. However, the one person who has always been there for her is her sister. Talking about, her bond with her, Raai Laxmi said that she is her ‘pillar of support’ and is always just one call away whenever she needs her.

“My pillar of support is my sister . She has been there for me from my childhood. When I entered movies, she became my backbone. All in all, she is everything for me. My parents are there but she is the one who is literally one call away. We actors, sometimes do have bad days and my sister is always there for me in difficult times,” she added.

This is a sweet response and we hope that Raai Laxmi has a terrific year ahead. All the best! At present, she is shooting for Neeya 2 and it has been a challenging experience for her.  Stay tuned to know more about Raai Laxmi’s Neeya 2 experience and her take on her professional journey.


    Rai you are talented actress..dont screwed your life in Hindi movie..stay in Tamil Industry..dont sell your Dignity to that industry ..nowsday Hindi movie look like porn movie..sorry to say that..but it true..Tamil still clean n have more potential to move up..


    big boootyyyy ho!!!!!

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