Gautami reveals the reason behind her split with Kamal Hassan

In a blog post, actress and Kamal Hassan's former partner Gautami denied any personal, professional and political relationship with the actor.

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Kamal Haasan Gautami

In a blog post, actress and Kamal Hassan’s former partner Gautami denied any personal, professional and political relationship with the actor. The post came shortly after the launch of Kamal Hassan’s party  ‘Makkal Neethi Maiyam’. She talked about the breakdown of her 13 year old relationship with Haasan. She also added that the relationship lacked respect and came to an end because of his change in commitment and her inability to compromise on that. She wrote that her commitment and love towards him was neither respected nor reciprocated.

 In her blog she wrote, “Mutual respect, love, commitment and honesty are indispensable in any relationship and especially when they are sharing a life. And when these are absent, everyday life becomes an unrelenting torment with a shattered self respect”. She also clarified that their split had nothing to do with Kamal Hassan’s daughter Shruti Hassan. She described both Shruti and Akshara as wonderful ladies whom she is still looking upon. Gautami said that since she called off the relationship she is trying to rebuild a stable and secure life for her daughter and herself.

She also accused Hassan’s production banner Rajkamal films International (RKFI) of withholding her remuneration for designing the costumes of its many productions. “I had made repeated efforts to recover the payments from Mr Hassan and RKFI. I am deeply anguished to say that in spite of repeated entreaties and requests, there is still a significant amount from my due salary pending payment”.

On the other side when asked to Kamal Hassan about the allegations against the company, he said that his RKFI would handle if there is some issue.

Gautami parted ways with Kamal Hassan in October 2016 ending their 13 year old relationship. Gautami has worked in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada films as a leading actress. Post 2000 she became a costume designer for Kamal Hassan’s movies and won Vijay award for best costume designer for Dasavatharam.


    Why are people saying he left Sarika for Gautami? Um Sim.ran anyone? Vani Jayram first, left her for Sarika, then Sarika left him for his Simrn shenanigans…then he got together with Gautami..and now who know why she left him…because he was with…


    Gautami, he left his first wife for the other woman then left her for you and left you for .. it is a vicious cycle. You ain’t any saiint either.


    Not surprising. He always seemed like a typical guy interested only in himself. He left first wife to be with Sarika and left her for Gautami. If a man really loves a woman he would give her legal status and more importantly respect she deserves.

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