Here’s all you need to know about Trisha Krishnan’s double role in Mohini

Trisha will be seen playing a baker and an architect in Mohini.

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Here’s all you need to know about Trisha Krishnan’s double role in Mohini

Trisha Krishnan.

Trisha Krishnan is beyond any doubt one of the most gorgeous and talented stars in Southern cinema today. During her fairly eventful career, she has found firm footing in the industry thanks to her effective performances, good looks and charming personality. Moreover, she has worked with some of the biggest stars—right from Kamal Haasan to Dhanush—and proved that she is an A-lister in the purest sense.

At present, Trisha is gearing up for the release of her next big film ‘Mohini’. It is touted to be a horror-thriller and has already created a buzz amongst fans courtesy its gripping trailer. Now, it seems that the buzz surrounding ‘Mohini’ is set to reach new heights. According to a leading daily, Trisha will be seen playing a double role in ‘Mohini. While one character will be that of a baker, the other one will be that of an architect. Confirming this, a source said that Trisha has worked on her body language to do justice to both characters.

“Yes, Trisha plays a double role in the film, and both are distinctly different from each other. She plays a baking enthusiast who also records and uploads her recipes on her own blog, and she also plays an architect. While there aren’t much differences in her physical appearances in the two roles, Trisha had to work hard on the different body language required for them. Her manner of speaking, too, will be distinct in each of her two roles,” added the source.

Well, we wish Trisha good luck and hope that ‘Mohini’ does well at the box office. On a related note, this is a busy time for Trisha. Besides ‘Mohini’, she also has ‘96’ and ‘Hey Jude’ in her kitty.

So, are you looking forward to ‘Mohini’? Tell us in the section below.


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    Nepotism is not the only issue in Indian cinema industry. Caste-ism is a problem too. If you are brahmin girl and if you speak English fluently and have fair skin then you can survive for 2 decades even with zero talent.

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