Hindu Makkal Katchi demands ban on Tamil Bigg Boss and to arrest Kamal Haasan

The complainant claim that the show is against the culture of Tamil Nadu and is obscene in nature.

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A Hindu activist group in Tamil Nadu has filed a complaint with the police demanding a ban on Tamil Bigg Boss which is being hosted by popular actor-director Kamal Haasan. The group filed a police complaint and said that the show is tarnishing the Tamil culture. The complaint also stated that the contestants of Tamil Bigg Boss – Oviya, Namitha, Ganja Karuppu and Harathi among others be arrested along with the host Kamal Haasan.

“The participants are mouthing obscene statements and are acting 75 per cent nude. It is also derogative of Tamil culture and hurts the sentiments of seven crore Tamilians,” read the statement. The complaint is against the show Tamil Bigg Boss and the group wants the television to pull down the show with immediate effect.

“They should be arrested under law because they are hurting Tamil culture and the programme should be banned,” the statement also said. The group also claims that the Tamil Bigg Boss show is obscene and is against the culture of Tamil and Tamilians.

Bigg Boss Tamil is being hosted by noted actor and filmmaker Kamal Haasan, and went on air on June 25th, 2017 and marked the debut of Kamal Haasan on television. The expectations of entertainment were towering high on Kamal Haasan’s Bigg Boss Tamil and with so much little to offer in the first episode, it might have disappointed the viewers. While some of the viewers were in awe of Kamal Haasan on the small screen, few had a contrasting opinion regarding Kamal’s television stint.

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