Indian Cricketer Devieka Palshikaar supports director Arunraja Kamaraj’s film on women’s cricket

Indian cricketer Snehal Pradhan was also one of the celebrities who helped in spreading word about Arunraja’s yet to be titled film.

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Lyricist, singer and actor Arunraja Kamaraj had recently announced that he would be venturing into direction and the film would be based on women’s cricket in India. The actor was applauded for the choice of subject for his first film and received great support from his colleagues in the industry. And his move is now being supported by people involved in the sport too. Indian cricketer Devieka Palshikaar extended her support in the making of the film much to the joy of the filmmaker which will be his debut film.

She was glad that I’m making a film on women’s cricket. There have been many films on men in the cricket world. She contacted me via e-mail and I’m planning to meet her soon to listen to her experiences. When I listen to such stories, I will be able to add authenticity and realism to the script,” Arunraja Kamaraj was quoted in DC.

Indian cricketer Snehal Pradhan was one of the first celebrities who helped in spreading word about Arunraja’s yet to be titled film. “Snehal posted the poster and casting call picture on Twitter, which attracted a lot of people. The tweet went viral and former player Akash Chopra shared it as well. I started the scripting process in January and Tamil Nadu U-19 and U-16 coach Aarti Shankar has been a pillar of support, since the inception. Actress Lakshmipriyaa, who was a cricketer, also lent a helping hand and has been constantly spreading the word regarding the film,” Arunraja further added.

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