Jyothika on Madhavan’s role in Magalir Mattum: We wanted it to be a surprise casting

Jyothika also revealed that Suriya did not do the role as he would have been an obvious choice.

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Jyothika in Magalir Mattum

Actress Jyothika’s latest big screen outing ‘Magalir Mattum’—which hit screens last week—has become the toast of the town thanks to its relatable plot and sincere performances. Moreover, it has also grabbed attention because of actor R Madhavan’s cameo which took fans by surprise. During a recent chat with fans Jo was asked why her real-life hubby Suriya did not essay the role in ‘Magalir Mattum’. Answering the question, she said that the purpose of the role was to surprise the viewers. As such, had Suriya essayed it the surprise element would have been lost.

“And regarding Magalir Mattum cameo, we wanted it to be a surprise casting and that is why we made Maddy do it. Had it been Suriya, it would have been an obvious choice,” she added.

Well, that is quite a sweet response indeed! In case you did not know, ‘Magalir Mattium’ is a drama and celebrates the essence of womanhood. A Bramma directorial, it also features Urvashi and Saranya in the lead. The supporting cast features names such as Nassar and Livingstone.

Interestingly, recently a lady politician had praised the film and said that it presents feminist ideas in a relatable way.

“My congratulations for Magalir Mattum’ and its director Bramma. Like every other woman who watched it, I also enjoyed Magalir Mattum. The film has portrayed feminist idea in a relatable and understandable way. Magalir Mattum is a good movie with a good message,” she had added.

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    Actually i thought it’s going to be Surya as Uruvasi son and seems Jo was explaining why he liked him. But we got suprised that Maddy was the Role played Son and he saw damn simple and sweet. I loved Jo’s character in the MM. Now a days who can be so closed to MIL and being friendly like her? Any how many of us as young ladies wish to have such jovial and friendly and open minded MIL OR DIL. Only could be happen if we woman’s have open mindsets with lot’s of loving and caring towards to our own gender.

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