Kajal Aggarwal faces an awkward moment after known technician forcibly kisses her at Kavacham launch

Kajal Aggarwal has geared for the release of her upcoming film Kavacham also starring Bellamkonda Srinivas and Mehreen Pirzadaa.

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Kajal Aggarwal faces an awkward moment after popular technician forcibly kisses her at Kavacham launch

Kajal Aggarwal is all geared up for the launch of her upcoming film Kavacham also starring Bellamkonda Srinivas and Mehreen Pirzada. The makers of the film recently hosted a grand teaser launch event, attended by the whole cast and crew. Bellamkonda Srinivas, Mehreen Pirzada, Kajal Agarwal, director Sreenivas Mamilla, Music Composer SS Thaman and others were present at the event. It was all smiles and excitement among the cast but something unpleasant left the lead actress Kajal Aggarwal awkward.

According to reports, while Kajal Aggarwal was interacting with the media at the teaser launch event of the film, known technician Chota K Naidu forcibly kissed her. During the speech, as Kajal took his name, he headed towards her and tried to embrace her, which made her feel uncomfortable. Everyone around looked shocked over the incident.

Recently, the makers of Kavacham released the first poster of the film featuring Kajal and Mehreen Pirzada as the female leads. The film also stars Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh as the villain. The film produced by Vamsadhara Creations is scheduled to release in December.


    he didn’t give her a peck on the cheek. he kissed her on her neck. completely unasked for and unsolicited. in public the same way the pastor groped ariana grande. when it is public at an event like this, what was she supposed to do. as woman we are socialized not to react or not to cause a scene or create an issue. she must have been uncomfortable but like so many other women who are uncomfortable she has to smile and act like its not a big deal. please, unless you are someones husband or boyfriend, do NOT think it is okay to take liberties to put your lips on a womans neck!


    Huh? Are we seeing the same video? What molestation? You kidding me? Think twice before misleading people.


    it didnt luk as a surprise even! watch the video .. wats with u all? never had a cheek kiss to a man .. all the kiss doesnt have to be abusive and vulgar either


    It doesn’t at all look like molestation,listen to her and watch her body language She’s obviously very comfortable with him,she’s the one initiating the touching and feeling and she doesn’t react to his kiss.his kiss wasn’t even vulgar more like a friendly gesture.so everyone should stop raising a hue and cry.


    She should have stepped back and asked him to stop it. That’s the way to deal with such things. You have to make your displeasure known and boundaries known otherwise guys think they can just get away with things.


    She handled it perfectly

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