Kamal Haasan about BJP leader’s Periyar comment: It is very wrong

Haasan also said that the Periyar remark may have been a way of shifting focus from the main issues.

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Kamal Haasan about BJP leader’s Periyar comment: It is very wrong

Kamal Haasan

BJP leader H Raja ruffled a few feathers, yesterday when he spoke about removing Peiyar’s statue. And, not surprisingly, several politicians/actors condemned his remarks. In fact, such was the backlash that he ultimately issued an apology and the ‘Saffron Party’ distanced itself from his comments. Earlier today, actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan commented on his remark and said that it was not acceptable. He also said that the remark may have been nothing more than a diversionary tactic.

“H.Raja’s statement about Periyar is very wrong, and it is punishable. The Government has given police protection for the statue. But, I would rather suggest the Police to protect people like Raja, who gave controversial wrong statements like this. We, Tamilians will take care of Periyar and we can protect his statue. I feel all these controversies are being hyped up to divert us from the Cauvery issue (formation of Cauvery Management Board). There has been no update about that formation, and I strongly feel, this might be an act, to divert the people from that. We should focus towards finding solutions for problems, and not create new problems, one by one,” he added.

He added that H Raja’s clarification is not sufficient and his party should rebuke him.

“At first place, he didn’t apologize for his post. He just said he regrets for the post. Even if he had apologized, the apology can’t be accepted, since his words were as sharp as a bow. An honestly functioning party will definitely take action against an act like this, and I hope BJP does, against Raja. That is the right thing to do,” said Haasan.

Well, these are strong words and show that Haasan is one outspoken person. On the work front, the star currently has Vishwaroopam 2 and Indian 2 in his kitty


    Y no reaction from Kamal when lots of Christians occupied a temple forcefully in Tamil Nadu….

    Y only selective reaction ?

    Is he indeed an agent of the church….

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