Kamal Haasan: Cannot deny the existence of violence in Hindu outfits these days

Kamal Haasan spoke out about the violence by Hindu Outfit Groups and said that it has increased these days.

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Kamal Haasan: Cannot deny the existence of violence in Hindu outfits these days

Top Tamil actor Kamal Haasan has been making the headlines lately for his comments, efforts and plans regarding a political entry and the latest one by the actor seems to have ignited a debate amongst political groups. Kamal Haasan spoke out about the violence by Hindu Outfit Groups these days and lashed out at them for the way they have handled a lot of issues.

In the past the Hindu right used to engage only in intellectual debates with the other religious groups. Once this approach started failing they have resorted to muscle power.  They too started indulging in violence. The Hindus cannot challenge others to show extremists among them since extremism has spread to that extent even among the Hindus,” Kamal Haasan wrote in an article published in the popular Tamil magazine ‘Vikatan’.

These remarks by the actor seems to have started a debate and have also ruffled some feathers in few political groups across the nation. “Truth alone triumphs has now become strength alone triumphs. This has made people inhuman,” he further wrote.

These comments come from Kamal Haasan after few Hindu Outfits and political parties objected to few dialogues and scenes in latest Tamil film ‘Mersal’ starring Vijay. Few BJP Tamil leaders had raised an objection to the dialogues and scenes saying the film showed their ideologies in poor light and should be taken off the film. The makers, however, have not removed any scenes from the film neither have they muted any dialogues.

Kamal Haasan too has experienced a similar situation when he was hosting the Bigg Boss Tamil First Season recently. A popular Hindu Outfit in Tamil Nadu had filed a complaint against him in Chennai for few remarks made on the show by few contestants, to which the actor did not respond.


    You can talk whatever you want according to our constitution. Fair enough! Next time also talk about Muslim extremist groups and their actions…their actions are responsible for thousands of deaths and there is no stopping them! PV post!


    really..r u dare to talk about jihadi violence from years trouble india n entire world..such a idiot n characterless person


    THIS is exactly what mainstream media is doing in the United States as well. They dont wait a second after a Islamic terror strike, they band together and start talking about how many Muslim feelings have been “hurt” because the name or photo of the terrorist is been shown on TV.

    CNN wont even name the terrorist if he is Muslim. But was overjoyed with the Vegas attack happened because it was a White Christian male.

    This is exactly what is going to get Trump elected for a second term

    All this imaginary Islamophobia fears that Kamal Hasan and the left wing liberals are stirring up will eventually get Modi relected for a second term. Kamal should go ahead and launch his party. It will only help Modi be relected


    Okay. Fair enough with associating violence with Hindus because of some recent incidents. I also want him to acknowledge the ever growing threat of Islam terrorism. While he is at it…he should also talk about conversion to Christianity through money in rural areas.


    He should move to Pakistan and take his daughter with him

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