Kamal Haasan: Mahanadi was inspired by a real-life conspiracy to kidnap my daughter

Kamal Haasan has two daughters—Shruti and Akshara.

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During a recent interaction with a leading daily, veteran actor Kamal Haasan revealed that his 1994 release ‘Mahanadi’ was based on a shocking incident which took place in his personal life. Elaborating on the incident, he said that once his domestic help had tried to kidnap one of his daughters. However, he came to know about this dangerous plan before it could be carried out and managed to protect his family. Haasan went on to add that the incident shocked him to the core and propelled him to write ‘Mahanadi’.

“I have never spoken of what prompted me to write Mahanadi. Now my daughters are old enough to understand the ways of this world I can… My household help, all of them, conspired to kidnap my daughter for ransom. They even did a dry run. By accident I discovered their plan. I was angry, unnerved and ready to kill for my baby’s safety. But I saw sense in time. I was to write a new script and I kept delaying it for a month. Later when I sat down to write, the script wrote itself…maybe assisted by my fear, apprehension and paranoia,” he added.

Well, this is a shocking revelation and proves that real-life can often be more unpredictable than its reel counterpart.

In case you did know, ‘Mahanadi’ was one of the most critically-acclaimed films of 1994 and won a National award. Directed by Santhana Bharathi, it revolved around how the protagonist’s daughter is abducted and sold off as a sex-worker.

On a related note, 62-year-old Haasan has two daughters Shruti and Akshara. Both of them are stars in their own right.


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    One of my all time favorite movies…shocking to know the back story. Kamal Hassan was phenomenal in it!



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