Kamal Haasan names his political party ‘Naalai Namathey’ 

Kamal Haasan has announced the name of his political party in his column in a reputed magazine. Kamal has decided to call his party Naalai Namathey.

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Kamal Haasan Political Party

Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan had surprised everyone with his decision to take a plunge into politics. He announced the name of his party today – Naalai Namathey. Kamal had announced his foray in the politics of Tamil Nadu.

In his weekly series, ‘Ennul Maiyam Konda Puyal,’ in Ananda Vikatan, he wrote, “If the memories are about him (MGR), so be it.. We have given this name as they are good memories. Laptops and mobile phones cannot be eaten. But only they have reached many (in villages). I won’t accept that mere provision of laptops will ensure knowledge. You need knowledge to operate that (laptop).”

He also wrote that he has been involved in public service for many years and his fans and he have decided to adopt a village and provide all the facilities. They will make a model village which will have access to drinking water and will give special focus on sanitation and transportation.

He also said that the citizens should be taught skills so that they can sustain themselves. He said, “If things can be changed single-handedly (by him), and if the government which considers it all powerful gets into the act and does better things than me, I will consider my job as done. There is no point tweeting (about issues). I have rained tweets, but what to do they don’t reach them.”

Kamal will be going on a state-wide tour starting Febrauary 21. He wrote that he has borrowed from the legacy of the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MG Ramachandran. It was earlier believed that the actor-director will announce his party’s name on February 21.

He had earlier said, “There is true power in finding one’s purpose in life and mine is to challenge the status quo that has been plaguing the politics of Tamil Nadu for some time now. However, for this to happen, my thoughts and actions need to collectively resonate with the people.”

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