Kamal Haasan to Rahul Gandhi: Your seat does not define you but you can define your position

Kamal took to Twitter and congratulated Rahul Gandhi on being elected as the President of Congress party in his tweet.

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Actor, director and producer Kamal Haasan hits the point straight away whenever he has to convey a message and a look at his Twitter page will give us an insight into it. Kamal’s take on politics and the state of politics in Tamil Nadu has more often that not ignited a debate amongst many political groups. And now, Kamal Haasan posted a message on Twitter for the newly-elected President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, and took a sly dig at him. Kamal congratulated Rahul Gandhi on being elected as the President of Congress party in his Tweet which read – “Congratulations Mr. Rahul.G. Your seat does not define you but you can define your position. I have admired your elders. I am sure you would work and deserve my admiration too. All the strength to your shoulders.” Rahul Gandhi hasn’t yet responded to Kamal Haasan’s message.

Kamal Haasan had announced a while ago that he would be entering politics soon and will be floating his party soon. On his birthday, Kamal Haasan even announced that he has launched an app which will help his understand the situation in the state of Tamil Nadu. Kamal Haasan even had said that he would need support and funds from the people of Tamil Nadu to form his party which had started soon after he announced. Kamal Haasan, later, said that he cannot hold on to the funds since the party hasn’t been formed yet and would return the money to the people who had contributed.

“I am returning the cash people have been sending. It is illegal to keep the money without any infrastructure. The party has to be formed first and we should name the party before collecting funds from the people. This does not mean that I am backtracking. This doesn’t mean I won’t accept money. We need to build a strong foundation so that the movement functions well even after me. It is not a move towards any seat. My wish is that Tamil Nadu should develop first,” Kamal Haasan had said.

Speaking on his birthday about his political plunge, Kamal had said,”It is not an immediate concern to announce the party’s name or when we will contest elections. You will have to give me time to come out with my political agenda as I am still working on the structural part of the whole thing. First, we have to get ready, and become qualified. So, we are looking at the longer goal and that’s why we are taking time. I take six months to even prepare for a film. I’m trying to take time and learn what is needed. That is why I will tour the state. I want to talk to people before deciding my party’s name. It is not a marketable product, but people’s will. I want them to be partners in this initiative. I will have to finish my films first. They are business commitments. I will finish all of them.”

On the work front, Kamal Haasan is currently working on ‘Viswaroopam 2’ and is in the US working on the final mix of the film. Viswaroopam 2 stars Kamal Haasan in the lead role with Andra Jeremiah playing the other lead role. Besides ‘Viswaroopam 2’, Kamal also has the much delayed Sabaash Naidu which is being directed by himself. Sabaash Naidu is based on the character ‘Naidu’ in his film ‘Dasavatharam’ which was directed by KS Ravi Kumar. Sabaash Naidu also stars his daughter Shruti Haasan in an important role.

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