Kamal Haasan’s message for youngsters : You owe a duty to the nation to be vigilant

While speaking at a noted college, Haasan said that students must take a keen in interest in political developments

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Kamal Haasan’s message for youngsters : You owe a duty to the nation to be vigilant

Kamal Haasan

Veteran actor Kamal Haasan has already taken a plunge into the world of politics and is leaving no stone unturned to reach out to the younger generation. During a recently-held event at an engineering college in Chennai, the star encouraged youngsters to take pride in their mother tongue(Tamil) and converse in it.

“I am told 99% of the gathering here understands Tamil. I thank the remaining 1% for your love. Now let us talk (in Tamil) amongst ourselves.” He added.

Haasan also urged students to take a keen interest in politics and form well-informed opinions. He also said that the current situation is not too good as the previous generations did not keep a watch on the system.

“ I am not asking you to become politicians. You owe a duty to the nation to be vigilant and to know what your political stance is going to be. We have not been watchful in the past, which is what led to the degradation in politics today,” he added.

Reflecting upon his decision to enter politics, the Vishwaroopam actor said that it was the inability of politicians to do their job that compelled him to talk the plunge.

“I thought I will stick to my job (as an actor), but politicians failed to do their job, which is why I had to enter politics. I want you (students) to strengthen the arm of polity. I am a polity-culturist. I am going to die in your service,” added Haasan.

Well, these are strong words and could ruffle some feathers. On the film front, Haasan currently has Vishwaroopam 2 and Indian 2 in his kitty. Vishwaroopam 2 is a sequel to the spy-thriller Vishwaroopam and also features Pooja Kumar in the lead. As far as Indian 2 is concerned, it is a sequel to the 1996 vigilante drama Indian and is being directed by maverick director S Shankar.

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