Kattappa aka Sathyaraj saves Baahubali 2; Apologises to the people of Karnataka

The Actor posted a video and apologized to the people of Karnataka.

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Actor Sathyaraj apologises

Pro-Kannada activists had threatened to halt the release of Baahubali 2: The Conclusion in Bengaluru if Actor Sathyaraj does not apologise. The activists claim that Sathyaraj had some comments against the people of Karnataka during the Cauvery issue and hence, they will not allow any of his film to be released in Karnataka. Director of Baahubali S S Rajamouli posted a video with an emotional message to the Kannada people. He requested them to support them in releasing the film. He also added that comments made by Sathyaraj were nine years ago and Baahubali hadn’t even started then, and also mentioned that Sathyaraj is just an actor in the film and not the writer or director of the film. And while all this was happening, Actor Sathyaraj come forward and apologises for his comments against the people of Karnataka and says that he will continue to fight for the rights of Tamil people.

Sathyaraj posted a video and said,” I have got to know that what I had spoken during the Cauvery water crisis has created a lot of tension among the people of Karnataka. I am not against Kannadigas or Karnataka. The biggest example for this is that for the last 30 years, my assistant has been Shekar, who is a Kannadiga. I would like to apologise for the statement that I had made nine years back, and would like to say that I am a small worker in Baahubali film and my comment should not affect the film.

Nine years ago, during the Cauvery protests, Tamilians in Karnataka were targeted and there were protests asking for stalling the release of Tamil movies. During a meeting of the film industry to condemn this, many people spoke out with passion against the move. I was one among them. In retaliation, my effigies were burnt in Karnataka,” added Sathyaraj.

In the last nine years, I have acted in at least 30 movies including Baahubali, that have released in Karnataka. I have also been offered many Kannada films, which I couldn’t take up because of schedule issues. People have watched that video from nine years ago on Youtube now, and they have been hurt by it. I apologise for the certain words I used for the people of Karnataka. I don’t want the consequences of my actions to affect the hard work of thousands of people. I also have a duty to protect those Kannadiga distributors who have bought the rights for the release of the film,” said Sathyaraj concluding the video.

This gesture from the veteran actor should clear all the hurdles for the release of Baahubali : The Conclusion in Karnataka and hopefully, the group of Pro-Kannada activists cooperate.

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