Lady VJs get ripped apart on the social media for body shaming Suriya

The lady VJs made fun of Suriya’s height and left his fans in a state of shock

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Lady VJs get ripped apart on the social media for body shaming Suriya


It is no secret that Suriya is one of the most successful and bankable names in Tamil cinema today. During his eventful career, he has won the love of fans thanks to his effective performances, good looks and simple personality. Moreover, he is regarded as an inspiration by fans as he has balanced his personal and professional life like a pro. Now, he is in the news for an unexpected reason.

As it so happens, two lady VJs recently made fun of the superstar on their show and this left a bad taste in the mouth. While discussing the recent rumour of Suriya acting opposite Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan in KV Anand’s film, the ladies made fun of his height and said that he might have to have to use a stool while acting opposite Big B. As expected, this ruffled a few feathers and soon a host of stars ripped apart the VJ’s for their comments. Condemning the so-called jokes, actor Vishal said that there was nothing funny about the comments.

“Funny !! ???? Absolutely not.  How unethical in the name of sense of humour. Totally senseless,” he wrote on Twitter.

Similarly, producer Gnanvel Raja and SR Prabhu too criticised the ladies in the harshest way possible. Well,  such comments are not acceptable and it will be worth watching whether Suriya responds to the controversy.

On a related note, Suriya was last seen in the crime-thriller ‘Thaanaa Serndha Koottam’ and delivered a solid performance. Speaking at its success meet, he recently said that the film helped him break several stereotypes.

“Everyone opines that a lot of stereotypes concerning my makeover have been shattered in this film. The entire credit goes to director Vignesh Shivan. He meticulously took care of all the minute details.  He kept exploring various options, which made me convinced,” he added.

He will next be seen in a film that is being directed by Selvaraghavan.

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    Please can’ t people take a joke Suriya is just a bloody actor,a short man at that and that is all he is.

    PV please post.

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