Lyca Productions clarifies on online piracy allegations; Hits back at media reports

Reacting to all the allegations, Lyca Productions have issued an official statement regarding the whole situation.

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A lot has been happening around the piracy in the Tamil film industry and TFPC President and actor Vishal has been running from pillar to post to do all it takes to eradicate the piracy bug from the industry. And the latest happenings in this issue is allegations against production house Lyca Productions and Vishal himself. According to a report in a leading tabloid, Lyca Productions were accused of encouraging online piracy after a website with similar name of Lyca was found to have connections with online piracy. And reacting to all these allegations, Lyca Productions have issued an official statement regarding the whole situation.

A few days back carried an article accusing Lyca Produtions of advocating and propagating online piracy. Lyca Productions is a leading Indian Film production and Distribution company. The domain names under which the so called piracy activities were carried out are and,” the statement read. was created on May 21st, 2014 under the admin name Tamil Tamilan. On May 22nd, 2014, the website was re-directed to a popular online piracy site. On 2nd, June 2014, was created under the same admin name Tamil Tamilan. Subsequently was also redirected to Activities on both and were shut down by 29th June 2014. At this point, we would like to clearly state that neither Lyca group nor Lyca productions was in anyway associated with either of the domain names – and,” the statement further read. Read the full statement here:

Earlier, veteran actor and filmmaker Bharathiraja hit out at Vishal for being involved in all this and having connections with Lyca Productions. Lashing out at all those reports, Vishal had said, “That’s a huge allegation they are making on a production house (referring to the site claiming that a production house is involved in piracy) and I really do hope they have proof to substantiate their claim. Is it a problem that they are funding my films, or other films as well? The Kerala police have nabbed the admins of TamilRockers. That said, we are trying to cut the mother source because all prints that have been uploaded online have been taken from theatres. That’s why we’ve been asking for a joint meeting with theatre owners.”

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